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Programs - 2025-26

between 5 and 15 musicians
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Collier en forme de coeur

Tender Love

Tender Love is a centuries-long voyage a capella to the heart of French Love… From the first airs of the court of the 17th century by Lambert, Guédron et Boësset, to the l’Hymne à l’amour by Piaf, passing by Berlioz, Fauré et Poulenc, seizing with passionate emotion this most important and timeless subject for each era.


  • Michel Lambert, “d’un feu secret“

  • Pierre Guédron, “Beaux yeux les doux vainqueurs“ & “La voici la nacelle d’amour“

  • RameauLes Indes Galantes, “Tendre Amour“ 

  • Giovanni Martini, “Plaisir d’amour“

  • Berlioz, “La Villanelle“

  • Gabriel Fauré, “Lydia“

  • Francis Poulenc, “C’est la petit’ fille du Prince“ & “La belle se sied au pied de la tour »

  • Edith Piaf, “l’hymne à l’amour“

  Number of performers: 8 singers and the musical director 

  Performance fee: 5 800 € HT  

*exclusive of taxes, travel and accomodation expenses

Vin mousseux

Joyful Motets

This program of festive motets in 4 voices by Marc-Antoine Charpentier radiates with joy and freshness. From the jubilation of Easter to the praise of Virgin, the immense expressiveness of "the most Italian of French composers" shines with joy and spreads unprecedented grace.


  • La Messe de Pâques H.8

  • Le Magnificat H.76

  • Le Laudate Dominum H.214

  • Le Beatus Vir H.221

  • Le petit motet à la Vierge Omni die dic Maria H.390

  • Le confitebor tibi… in concilio H.220

  • Le Nisi Dominus H.160

  • Le Credi propter H.209

  • Le Dixit Dominus H.197

  Number of performers: 4 singers and an organist  

  Performance fee: 6 250 € HT*  

* The concert can be offered with a larger number of performers (a larger continuo, for example, with a choir of 8 to 20 people - the performance fee will then be calculated according to the number of performers selected).


Marguerite Louise's spiritual salon

In the spirit of the Romantic salon, a gathering place for artists, intellectuals and musicians, Marguerite Louise invited her friends to a chapter in her intimate exploration of Romantic motets transcribed for piano and voice.

Introspective meditations and exalted narratives unfold and permeate the hushed atmosphere of this private setting. This is the programme for a rainy afternoon or a sunny one, when generations meet and share the echo of a common sensibility. Elusive stories are retold to the rhythm of the fireplace crackling, like a confidence of our imagination.


  • Felix Mendelssohn, Geistlisches Lied, Laudate Pueri Dominum, Te Deum , Abendlied, Hör mein Bitten 

  • Johannes Brahms, Geistlisches Lied 

  • Max RegerDer Mensch lebt und bestehet nur eine kleine Zeit, Op. 138, No. 1“ 

  Number of performers: 8 singers and the musical director  

  Performance fee: 6 600 € HT  

Ancre 2
plus de 15 musiciens
Portrait au coucher du soleil

Te Deum

A true emblem of French Baroque music, Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Te Deum is undoubtedly an essential work in the repertoire. Always desired by the public and performed with renewed passion by the musicians who play it with joy, this masterful masterpiece continues to captivate with its dazzling contrasts from the intimate to the hyperbolic, from the simple purity of the discourse to the most impressive declamatory outbursts!

In 1698, about six years after the writing of the Te Deum, Charpentier was appointed Master of Music of the Sainte-Chapelle, the most honorable position of his entire career. Thus, in the twilight of an extraordinary musical life, leaving behind a corpus of nearly 400 motets, it was to serve the splendor of the famous palatine chapel that he composed his last masterpieces of expressiveness, including his mass "Assumpta est Maria" H. 11, which has become one of the cornerstones of the genre, alternately shaping wonders of counterpoint, concertante dialogues of the choirs, musical design constantly sculpting the meaning of the text, and jubilant harmonic density.


Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Te Deum (H.146), Assumpta Est Maria (H.11)

Timing : 1h20

  Number of performers: a musical director, 6 soloists, 24 instrumentists, 14 singers 

  Performance fee: 19 000 € HT  

Since 2023, Marguerite Louise has been developing her own children's choir division and can offer for this concert the participation of her choir or a collaboration with a local choir. In the latter case, prior work with the ensemble's musical director will be arranged.

Choisir un arbre de Noël

Marguerite Louise's Christmas

More than any other religious celebration, Christmas, with its exhilarating festive spirit, had seized an unparalleled popular fervor. Its simple and pastoral songs, spread by oboes, trouvères, and troubadours, easily infiltrated homes, etched themselves into memories, and were passed down from generation to generation.

In 1690, Marc-Antoine Charpentier drew from this fascinating popular repertoire to compose his famous Midnight Mass H.9. Thus, fully imbued with these emblematic themes of the Holy Nativity and many other surprises, carried by the voices of the Marguerite Louise children's choir, this Midnight service intoxicates with its gentle Christmas enchantment and leaves us humming as we depart.


Marc-Antoine Charpentier, 

  • Messe de Minuit H.9

  • Noël sur les instruments H.534

  • Et d’autres surprises de Noël !


Timing: 1h15

  Small ensemble configuration: 

  5 or 8 singers + an instrumental ensemble of 6 musicians (2 violins, viola da gamba, bassoon playing flute, theorbo, organ) 

  Large ensemble configuration: 

  5 or 8 singers + an instrumental ensemble of 6 musicians (2 violins, viola da gamba, bassoon playing flute, theorbo, organ) 

  Performance fer: de 9 900 € à 18 700 € HT (depending on the selected ensemble)  

Marguerite Louise has been developing her own children's choir division since 2023 and can offer for this concert the participation of her choir or a collaboration with a local choir. In the latter case, preparatory work with the ensemble's musical director will be proposed.

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Le Petit Lulli

Original creation project seeking co-producers

Marguerite Louise is spearheading a unique project: a baroque musical inspired by the adventurous childhood of the famous composer Jean-Baptiste Lully.

This spectacle, both impactful and emotional, humorous and magical, will resonate with a diverse audience as it appeals to families, from the youngest to the oldest, from newcomers to music enthusiasts, from opera aficionados to musical theater lovers, and history and biopic enthusiasts alike.

The show is co-authored by Gaétan Jarry and Damien J. Jarry, two personalities from different musical worlds who together shape a project at the intersection of musical genres, disciplines (dance, theater, music), and aesthetics (influenced by Disney graphic art and Broadway).

The production tells the story of a rapid and romantic social ascent—the journey of a young miller's son who became one of the closest courtiers of the Sun King and one of the most celebrated composers of his time!

The show can be adapted in various formats—from a musical ensemble of 4 musicians to a full orchestral performance—from a simple narrative told by one or two protagonists on stage to a fully staged production where each character from the script is portrayed.

All the programs from our discography can be offered in concert. We are also fully prepared to create customized programs.

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